BIM Management

BIM Management

Preparation of BIM Execution Plan

Guidance and giving support for preparation of BIM Execution Plan to describe the purpose of BIM system, describe the responsibilities of all parties in the project, meeting schedules, target dates, file and folder systems, file transfer and sharing systems and to set a common BIM language, based on the internationally accepted templates.

Preparation of LOD Matrix and Family Preparation

Creating the appropriate smart 3D parts / families and preparation of LOD matrix by each department in the project according to the BIM system is very important. So we guide and give support for LOD table preparation, family preparation in the execution of BIM modelling, ensuring the definition of necessary parameters to the elements according to the general purpose of the BIM modelling process by approving every step for each department.

We will approve the template files produced by the departments according to LOD matrix tables.

“VA BIM Object/Element Matrix Manual” will be the base for preparing the LOD matrix. “AIA Document G202-2013 Project Building Information Modeling Protocol Form” will be the base to determine the levels of LOD. New family creation needs will occur in the modelling phase that all of them prepared by related departments will be approved and controlled.

Preparing System Tables, Routing Preferences and Model Template

Designers should prepare system tables according to the quantity take-off detail needs especially before starting for MEP systems modelling. Also before starting MEP systems modelling, routing preferences based on the families prepared should be defined and template files should be prepared.

We manage this pre-engineering period and give guidance and support for preparation of such BIM pre-engineering documents.

The pre-engineering management will be done by us by the help of our knowledge of the entire process needs, not only the needs in the beginning, however only the beneficially produced templates in the beginning will be used in the entire modelling period to provide efficiency to project.

Ensuring Each Discipline/Department to Work on Same Model

One of the important requirements for appropriate implementation of BIM system is collecting models from different departments in one common model to provide each department reach the latest information/revision. We will periodically collect the models from different departments, unite them in one common model and share with each department periodically.

Collective model shall be prepared in Coordination Software and periodically progress in each department’s model shall be monitored.

Meetings shall be organized to coordinate all the disciplines work on same zone considering the work schedule requirements and to improve the communication between the departments, preferably if possible in a BIM Theater. All the departments will attend these meetings also to decide the new zones to concentrate on.

Material Quantity Take-off Management Special Software Development

Appropriate pre-engineering before starting modelling for each department will ensure digital material take-off in the basis of building, floor, zone, activity. We will guide and give support to related departments to keep the model suitable for material take-off in the requested detail.

Standardized material take-off templates will ensure updating from the last revision in any stage of the model. Parameters necessary to determine the discrepancies/differences in material take-off basis between two stage/revision of models will be defined by related parties by our suggestion and solution.

Specifically developed software for your Project may be provided according to the material take-off requirements. We target to provide software specific for the project and suitable for wide purpose with our personnel in our company.

Revision Tracking Management

We predict by experience that revision tracking and comparison necessity between revisions will inevitably occur and come into prominence in especially scale of projects.

We will make the system setup and provide each department to work within this system to reach the revisions and ensure revision tracking by assigning reference numbers to every revision.

IFC, Shop Drawing and Similar 2D Drawing Production Management

Family preparation pre-engineering including definition of the necessary parameters will ensure preparation of 2D drawings from the model, labelling and tagging with the required standards.

The parameters will be defined by the related departments, prepared linked to elements on the model under our management.

2D produced drawings will be easily updated in case of revisions, and also old revision will be recorded by this setup.

Site Progress Tracking Management through 3D Model

Upon request, site progress reports may be entered to model and virtual site progress reports may be taken from the model. Additionally, cumulative material take-off lists, monthly progress material quantity lists may be taken.

The option of site progress tracking through 3D model shall be decided before starting modelling in order to define and use the necessary parameters in the modelling phase.

4D Work Schedule Integration Management

The 3D model will be integrated with the current work schedule and model elements associated with the schedule activities. The option of 4D work schedule integration may be done by defining WBS codes in the model, and all companies shall use these parameters in modelling phase.

Organizing to match the model elements with the work schedule activities and upon request virtual simulation through model for planned/actual or lagging activities.

Management of BIM Process / Model in Facility Management

Upon request of using the model in facility management, it is necessary to define the internationally common COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) codes in the model and all companies shall use these parameters in modelling phase.

Organizing the association of MEP equipment and system manuals, protective maintenance information with the elements in the model to provide ease in the transition to Facility Managemet period.

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